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Infographics BUZZ MONITOR

Design of a series of infographics for the ELIFE’S BUZZ MONITOR.

Infographics BUZZ MONITOR

Design of a series of infographics for the ELIFE’S BUZZ MONITOR

In these times of informative immediacy in which every second counts, it is essential to know how to communicate in the most accurate and effective way. For this, one of the best tools is infographics. Thanks to them you can communicate a large amount of information in a visual and attractive way, and capture the attention of users in a more effective way than if the same information is offered in long paragraphs of text. In addition, infographics are ideal content to share on social networks.

ELIFE, a company dedicated to developing tools to measure impacts on social networks, commissioned us to make several infographics with the results of some studies carried out with its impact measurement tool on Twitter, and at Eleventh Floor we got down to work.

In the first place, we did an information hierarchy exercise to establish the approximate spaces that each element would occupy. Once the layout is clear, we work on the graphics. To reinforce the message, we create an imaginary of graphics and different color ranges for each infographic, adapting the style of resources such as textures and icons to its theme.

As a result, ELIFE multiplied the value of its impact measurement tool in social networks, since it was able to share the results of several studies in a format that is fun and easy to understand by the user.

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