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The leyend of the man who could pay a fast credit

Online content strategy for the General Consumers Association (ASGECO).

The leyend of the man who could pay a fast credit

Online content strategy for the General Consumers Association (ASGECO)

The hiring of a quick credit without looking at the fine print can become a very serious problem for the consumer and its economy, because this type of products usually include abusive clauses that can go on to increase the interests to be paid in an exorbitant manner.

That was the message that the General Consumers Association (ASGECO) needed to make known through «A CREATIVE AND ORIGINAL ONLINE CAMPAIGN» (but without violent or too realistic tints) that made users land on an informative website.

Under this scenario we began to work on the online content strategy from scratch, developing the creativity of it, along with a calendar of content production, and its subsequent publication and promotion in certain social media.

We came to the conclusion that the best way to reach the consumer was to thrill him through a shocking story, both visually and in his own narrative (storytelling). We decided that the central pillar of the strategy would be a western-style short film about the misadventures of an intrepid gunman who, after hiring a quick loan, ends up losing all his possessions because he cannot pay the interest.

In addition to the film, other support contents were made such as a series of Tips to Take into Account when Hiring a Quick Credit in animated video format (motion graphics), a Consumer Guide downloadable from the web, and also a blog, where publications about the actuality of the campaign itself were made.

Thanks to the online universe created between the website, the blog and social networks, and all the contents that were published, a large number of users were informed.

In addition, the public actively participated in the campaign, sharing and commenting on the various materials








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